~This is Me!!~

Hey ya'll!! My name is Holli Yohe!! I'm 14 years old and in 8th grade. I got to the DuBois area Middle School. I also attend John Casablanca's Modeling and Career Center! I'd like to Give a special "Hello" to all my great friends!

Some day I'd like to be a model. Unfortunatley, it's harder than it looks... I also love to sing (even if I'm not the best, it's still fun!) If I don't make it as a model or singer, I'll find something to do!

I live in Paradise, Pennsylvania. I live with my Mom and Dad and my genious brother, Keenan. I have a cat, two dogs and a horse. My Horse, Shadow is a great, friend. I reccomend everyone have a horse because they're great listeners but they can't tell your secrets!

I attend Church on a regular Sunday basis and I am a strong Christian. My Church is the Paradise United Church of Christ. It's a small country church and I'm glad I was raised here because there are some great kids and cool friends here.

I'm also a 4-H member. To learn more about my 4-H club...click!!

That's all I can think of to tell you right now, if you want to know more about me, my e-mail address is holliberry45@hotmail.com. My ICQ number is 59112383. I'm not that hard to find. I'm the only "Holli Yohe" listed.



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