Jenna Ferraraccio and I have been friends since we were about three years old! No, I take that back, We hated each other then! We are best friends now though. Our parents own a small business together. They were good friends in High School or College or somethin' like that! Jenna, you're a great friend and I hope you always stay that way.

Always remember all the times we've had so far....Our summers together when we were little all the way up to now. Getting lost in your church... Me, you, Sunni and our Youth Fellowship Group going to Lancaster was the best! The recliner, even though you don't remember that one, it's still vivid in my mind! Playing Monopoly with Keenan...


SHOUT OUTS: Miss Amercan Truck Driver!! Charlies angels at Sheetz with Sunni! We wanted to have a funeral...hey I caught a tadpole!...we even had head stones!! $2...Big money!! In the woods...Jenna, Lazers coming! Aaahhhhh!! (I won't put the rest) Hippo in a Hula skirt! Whaoooh! *No Wey* ~The Others~ "Stop Breathing like that!!" Ew Yuck! That Dish! My ab roller! "I thought it stopped!" Hi holli...It's Jenna...I had to get up really early to call you..."(sounding like kinda dead) ~Dang Roosters!~*I'm growing another knuckle!*^Our GUY-SCOPING!!^ +DIZZY+ I don't earn money, I play poker!> You don't know how to play poker?!> I'll teach you!- fours whores one eyed jacks natural sevens takes the pot up or down.< huh?!< I can't think of any more right now but there are MILLIONS more!!...You'll always be my bestist friend forever and ever!!


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