¤Krissy O.¤

Krissy and I have been friends since kindergarten! Thanks for bein' there for me when I needed you most. You know I'll always be here!


Never forget any of our fun times! Like getting locked outside and setting the alarm off in your Dad's car in the hospital parking lot!! Never forget our bus rides to and from school. there are so many more!!


SHOUT OUTS: We represent the lollipop guild! Mary Poppins!!

I'm the "Wierd One!" Surfin for the cars.... You could beat her up but she'd eventually sit on you and that'd be the end of it!! She won't be able to feel me kick the back of her seat...it has to go through all her fat first! *"I thought you HATED him, kris.?" "Well, he was really nice last night." "LAST NIGHT?!" "No!! on ICQ!" All those other ones!! Luv ya like a sis!!


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