I've known Sunni Pifer all my life. She's been one of my very best friends and always will be. Thanks for helpin' me out all those times I was stupid or blind or, more commonly, blonde! We've been through alot and there's probably more ahead!

Don't you EVER forget any of our awesome times together. Remember our Crawfish battle?? Keep all of our 4-H times in mind, like Dress Revue, camp, and best of all, States!! Our walk to the bridge to see the cows was great but way too long and hot...especially in bare feet! Babysitting those boys was tiring I'm so glad they decided to have both of us there! Our trip to Lancaster with Jenna and the rest of Youth Fellowship, Christmas in Cricket County!.....

SHOUT OUTS: Miss America and the truck driver!! •Surfin' for cars with Krissy! •WE LOVE DUCKS!! •Let's get ****** out and ride him! oops! •The sacred hand book and the Captains log! All of our code names!! haha! •I"'ll smack your weener!!" "Um, she doesn't have a weener" haha!! •Won't you nuts freeze?...I mean butt! •1....2...3...Push!! •The Boob-O Bra!! •Glenda Mae and Donna Jolene•A.J. Junior -Just stick your head out that there lil window!• I have to ride Fester!! •flirtin' with (and kissin) Cousin Oswald!! •Holy Shit!! There was that horses head right beside me!! •I felt a lil' bump! •Smile! Your on Sunni's camera! •No shirt, no shoes, no pants, no problem! •Our favorite movie! •Oh there's so many more!! VBF!!

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