Susanne Federicci is also one of my very best friends. Susanne, thanks for bein' there and helpin' me out. I'm still here for you too! I'm not going to let anything come between our friendship again!! I will ALWAYS listen to you! You will ALWAYS come before the guys!

Memories! We have a bunch. You'll always be a great friend. All our talks about ~boys~! Running down the halls to see Mr. Chiodo!!

SHOUT OUTS: •We are gonna have the best modeling School when we grow up!! haha!! •(you)Galloping in the halls like a horse!! •Dear Lord! haha!! •Jump shake your booty! Jump, jump shake your booty!!!• If it's round, its a fart!• Bartalo and Ishy! Retard, Aquatard,Bungtard, Dungtard!•*Science is the greatest (considering)!!*Chimley!!* Subduction Jones!* There are so many more!!

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